Venus exalted effects

According to sidereal Vedic Astrology Venus moves into the sign of Pisces on Feb 3rd and will stay there until Feb 28th. Venus is considered to be Goddess Lakshmi who was born from the ocean which signifies the sign Pisces. Venus signifies comfort, our hidden desires, pleasures of the bed etc, Pisces is the natural 12th sign of the zodiac which is all about imagination, unconditionality etc.

Check the house where the sign Pisces falls in your birth chart and that is the area that gets exalted for you during this transit.

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It brings in the auspicious blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Venus in Pisces is a great time for relationships and indulgence in sensual pleasures, but we may have to be careful about not overdoing it. We just have to remember that whatever goes up will have to eventually come down.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Significance of Venus in Pisces Venus is considered to be Goddess Lakshmi who was born from the ocean which signifies the sign Pisces.

Aries — Venus gets exalted in your 12th house. Venus rules your 2nd House and 7th House. You may be tempted to spend a lot of money but make sure you think before you do. It is also a great time for spirituality. You may find it easy to sink into deep meditation. It is also wise to spend some money on charity as Venus is your 2nd lord going into the 12th house. Taurus — Venus gets exalted in your 11th House. Venus rules your 1st house and 6th house.

This is a powerful transit for you, it may bring in a lot of financial gains. You may also be interested in social interactions and gatherings.

Exalted Venus in 12th House of Horoscope

But this is a great time to plan what you want to do and start making some progress. If you have any financial debts this is the perfect time to start thinking about how you are going to pay them. Beware of overspending for friends and parties. Gemini — Venus gets exalted in your 10th house. Venus rules the 12th and 5th houses in your chart. It brings good luck and opportunities in your career.

You may spend money on polishing your skills. Cancer — Venus gets exalted in your 9th House. Venus rules your 4th and 11th house. This is a great time to improve things around your home. You may want to upgrade your space. This is also a great transit if you have been wanting to pursue higher knowledge both spiritual and academic. Donating to temples or places of worship during this time be very powerful.Venus represents relationship money, home, car good living in and fulfillment of desire, Venus is associated with Love, Money, and generally life on Earth.

If Venus becomes very weak, then life becomes very difficult, particularly in terms of enjoyment of life on the earth. Debilitated planets means the planet is not aware of that energy which house they rule, and exalted planet means planets is aware of that energy which house they rule.

Effect of the debilitated planet depend on the which house Venus rule. Venus is the planet of love and relationship. For each ascendant Venus rule different house and give different result in the area of life. Venus debilitated in the sign of Virgo, effect of debilitation check by the owner means Virgo ruled by Mercury before judging debilitated Venus, planet Mercury should be checked, depending on the sign of Mercury effect may vary.

Planet exaltation and debilitation Vedic Adtrology. Its mean Venus rule two benefic house, and when it get debilitated in first house means the native lack in proper value system, and suffer from low self-esteem, these people overly criticize them self because first house rule the self.

They also suffer from health problems, income problems and lack in spiritual growth. They also not able to enjoy life. Effect of Debilitated Jupiter for Various Ascendent.

Venus debilitation in the second house show the native pursue materialism of life, because they follow materialism they forget their value in life which is coming from family and become corrupt, they generally critical to their friends and siblings and feel lack of energy.

They unnecessary proud too much themselves and show off in carrier place. When Venus debilitated the native try to find inner peace by following worldly desire.

But if not able to achieve, the native suffer from inner turmoil and can have unhappy life. Effect of Debilitated Mars for Various Ascendent. These people lack in to follow spiritual path and criticising their own kids.

Venus debilitated in 4th house for 12th house bad house its mean the native have less effect of 12th house effect like isolation and loss, but 12th house also represent bed pleasure they have hard time to enjoy which makes them unhappy. These people lack in morality and look for excessive pleasure.

They have health problems due to to overeating. They are lack in diplomacy which cause them to fight with romantics partner and childrens, but Venus also debilitated in good house for 6th house which makes them lazy, non competent attitude and smoother course of life.

Debilitation of Venus in the 6th house makes the native lack in proper value system and give bad food habit which makes them sick. The native also fault finding in their partner and have tendency to dominate them which makes their partner convert into enemy. They also suffer from debts and have difficulty in finding spiritual path. Debilitation of Venus in 7th house the native have relationship problems due to excessive lustful and dominating nature and they are not aware of their bad part of relationship and have confusing relationship.

They generally have lack of courage and lazy in life. Venus debilitation in 8th house show they up and down in their life until they find their higher purpose in life. Venus is sleeping for two good house means they have difficult home life suffer from emotional setbacks and not able to follow spiritual teaching. They have difficulty in achieving spiritual learning due to too much indulgent in sensual pleasure.

These people are attached too much with worldly desire. False pride and their sensual nature destroy their deeper meaning of life and also create problems with kids and romantics due to excessive criticism.

Debilitated Venus in 10th house, they have no ambition to achieve something in the profession, therefore they suffer in carrier because they are not able to take right decision. They also suffer from bad health and arguments with colleague and friends.

Debilitated in 11th house means not able to grow on higher level. They are not good in making social circle and lack in prosperity.

venus exalted effects

On the other hand it sleeping in good for the bad house 12th house its means native is lazy and not able to understand value of let go of in life. Debilitated Venus in twelfth house makes them dull in life, gives health problems, indecisive in nature, accepting whatever come in their way not strong, have ups and down in their life. Planets in different houses and their effects — Jupiter. Venus and Rahu in your Birth Chart.The Venus is a beneficial planet by nature. The planet Venus signifies luxury, love, romance, relationship, marriage, creativity, arts and entertainment, foods, cars, apparels, television, radio, drama, movies, songs and lavish elements of the world.

If the planet Venus is afflicted, combusted and conjoined with evil planets, then you will suffer a lot. Especially, you will be devoid of all the luxury, love, romance and marriage. You will be cheated by opposite sex and you love will often get broken. In this article, I am going to discuss if you are going to get great benefits during the 20 years of Venus Mahadasha.

Result of malefic Mahadasha of Venus for 20 years. The planet Venus is symbol of luxury. If the planet Venus is weak and afflicted in your birth chart, then you must be suffering a lot. The severe affliction of Venus can bring trials and sorrows to love, relationship and marriage. You will get married late in life.

venus exalted effects

You might also suffer from venereal diseases. Hence, it is extremely important to illicit relation with the opposite sex. You are likely to experience loss of money and business. The malefic Shukra even will not let you wear a luxurious dress. If the planet Venus is malefic and the ruling period is going on, then it is very important to perform remedial measures for Venus.

Result of benefic Mahadasha of Venus for 20 years. If your Venus is powerful and exalted in the birth chart, then it is a boon for you. As we know that the planet Venus is the ruler of luxury and material happiness, it is extremely important that the planet Venus is strong enough in the birth chart.

Result of Shukra Mahadasha in a nutshell Based on Ascednant. The planet Venus gives different result to the different people. It is not necessary that the planet Venus is beneficial to me and it will be beneficial to you too.In life we all are weak in some area.

What is debilitated planet mean? All planets are in some ways related to our life in a chart and have influence on us:. The main planets considered to create life is sun and moon.

venus exalted effects

If there is no sun and moon there will be no life like if there is no father and mother a child can not be born. These all planets have some influence in our life. These all planet exist with in us in the form energy of astral bodies. Sun Debilitated in 10 Deg. Sun is the king like father is the main head in the family. A father is the person who provide his family food shelter and everything the family needs, But he does not want anything in return.

Sun rises everyday it gives light to everyone but did not ask anything in return. Sun sacrifice himself to give life to others.

Sun in Libra is not in his true power. This is not the true nature of sun that is sun debilitated here. Moon Debilitated in 3 Deg. Moon is the queen like mother.

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Mother is the person in a family who take care of every one with pure selfless love and not wanting anything in return. Mother receive everything from her children whether is good or bad.

Scorpio is watery sign and water shakes very easily here moon become very restless, feel very insecure and have fear of unknown things here moon is not at peace therefore moon is debilitated in Scorpio. Mars Debilitated in 28 Deg. Mars is the energy with in us who fight for the right cause with the dignity. It is courage, action, discipline and our black and white thinking. Cancer is a emotional sign and when we are fighting there is no need of emotions. If emotion comes between we can not fight rightly and with courage.

In Cancer the fighting ability of mars change here mars fight with cunningness it loses its dignity. Therefore mars debilitated in cancer. Mercury Debilitated in 15 Deg. Mercury is the intelligence, intellectual thinking, communication, ideas, doing business ability,focus and gathering information.

What Debilitated Planets Means

Here mercury loses its power of thinking because it become too emotional, when we get emotional we loses our ability of thinking and can not focus on things. We become nervous, we can not communicate properly the person start crying. This is why mercury is debilitated in Pisces.

Jupiter Debilitated in 5 Deg. Jupiter is the energy with in us of our higher knowledge, guru, spirituality, hope, and wisdom. Jupiter is the wisdom which want to know what is beyond life. Jupiter want to teach people. Capricorn sign is the sector of life where we need to do hard work it is the sign of karma. This is why Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn. Venus Debilitated in 27 Deg.The jewelry artist David Weitzman combines ancient and sacred knowledge into a unique line of jewelry designed to bring people both beauty and inspiration.

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We invite you to join us on a journey full of HarmonyBeautyancient wisdom and symbolism. Venus exaltation in Pisces is special because the Pisces energy is modifying Venus's qualities while emphasizing her spiritual aspects of love, beauty, and harmony. It creates an ideal perception of unconditional love and gentle, even cosmic, compassion.

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Don't Show Again.Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Login Or Register. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Home Astrology Planets Venus. Venus — the planet of luxuries and love! Astronomy: Venus is much closer to the Sun than the earth.

Therefore, on some occasions Venus will be in between Earth and the Sun. The average distance form sun is 67 million miles.

The variation is very little, as the orbit of Venus is nearly circular. The distance between Earth and Venus during inferior conjunction will be only 25 million miles.

The size of Venus is nearly similar to Earth. Venus has the diameter of 7, miles while Earth has a diameter of 7, miles. It revolves around the sun in days.

venus exalted effects

The atmospheric layer around Venus is thick, peculiar and fascinating. The brightness of Venus is due to the reflecting power of its atmosphere. For observers on the earth Venus cannot be more than 48 degrees away from the Sun.

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Mythology: Shukracharya is the son of Sage Bhrigu. He is the preceptor of the demons. Shukra was the only one considered worthy of being granted the knowledge of MritaSanjivani vidya by Lord Shiva.

This knowledge is supposed to bring back even dead to life. Venus is considered as Goddess of love, marriage, beauty and comforts. It is a form of Maha Lakshmithe wife of lord Vishnu. According to western astrology Venus is known as Lucifer and Hebrews named it as Astoreth. It is seen that a strong Venus gives very good result in a horoscope.

However a weak Venus can cause certain deficiencies with respect to above-mentioned significations. It is deeply exalted at 27 degree in Meen Rashi.This minimum distance is different for different Planets and a couple of these Planets have different degrees of safe distances from SUN before they get combust, depending on their motion.

For VENUS, due to his elevated position the combustion is eight degrees in the evening during retrogression. During the morning his combustion is ten degrees. Whereas, the malefic combination of the same can make the native suffer from financial debts for a long time, break marriages, serious disputes with spouse, native has chances of getting divorced, serious illness, problems in Professional life, bad reputation.

On the other hand, a malefic combination can trouble the native with a fierce and fatal type of disease which may afflict much pain on him. Also, he may come across very good amount of fame, success and money through the field of acting. On the other side, the malefic combination may keep the native away from significant professional success and growth, on account of financial losses from time to time.

It can also afflict the native with a permanent disease of psychological nature and the native may have to spend many years of his life for the treatment of such disease.

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It can also bless some natives with posts of authority in the house of government and these natives may achieve such authority as revenue officers, judges, administrative officers and many other types of professionals. In other way, if the native is under malefic influence of these Planets, one may not get married till late or very late in their lives. And they may also enjoy good social status by virtue of their professions.

The malefic combination can trouble the native with problems related to marriage, profession, serious financial losses, health issues and many other types of problems depending on the overall tone of his horoscope. The native may also achieve success in competitive exams. The malefic combination can create problems in the marriages of some natives under its impact due to which they may have to suffer from problems before and after their marriages.

Whereas, a malefic combination of SUN and combust VENUS for Sagittarius can afflict the native with a fatal disease which may reduce his lifespan significantly and which may afflict much pain on him. Other side, a malefic combination of SUN and combust VENUS for Capricorn can make the native engage in broken love relationships and in hardcore crimes and he may have to face the consequences in the form of a long sentence of prison.

On Flipside, the malefic combination of these Planets may cause severe disturbances innatives married life and may even lead to long time separation or court case. Those who are married should try to maintain harmony in their day to day life. Hence, she should be respected and kept happy especially during this period.

If you have this condition in your own chart and want further clarification, please book an appointment by visiting www. We will help you understand and evaluate the situation. The native most often feels disrespected, not appreciated or not loved.

These people have situation in their life whether they want to choose career or relationship. Failed relations will make a lasting impression. This time, two more Planets Mercury and Saturn will also remain combust for certain period which will further aggravate the things. Visiting Holy Place for first time. Constructing or housewarming Ceremony of new Homes. Observing Fasts etc f. First visit to a foreign country g.

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